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Buy-to-Let Performance: Why are Edinburgh and Glasgow Still Doing Well

Despite the challenges faced by the private rented sector (PRS) over the past couple of years, Scotland’s largest cities appear to be bucking the trend by demonstrating very positive buy-to-let performance.

mistakes to avoid
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Tenanted property

We are big fans of buying (and selling) tenanted property, but like all things in life there can be upsides and downsides.

supported living (1)
Investing in Supported Living: Everything You Need to Know

If you speak to landlords about why they chose to become a landlord, one of the answers you’ll often get is that they welcomed the opportunity to help provide a home for a family.

property investment 2024
Property Investment in 2024 - Why You Should Still Buy to Let
property predictions 2024
Scottish Property Predictions for 2024: After a Difficult Year, What Comes Next?
review your portfolio
As the New Year Looms, it’s Time To Review Your Property Portfolio

Given the year the property sector has endured, it might be superfluous to suggest to any landlord or investor that it’s time to review your property portfolio; we rather suspect you’ve been doing that on a monthly basis!

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