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Buying and Selling Tenanted Property: What Happens to the Tenancy Agreement?

Buying or selling a property with sitting tenants can be appealing, but also a little daunting if you’ve never done it before - and there are a lot of misconceptions around the necessary legal requirements...

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How Much Will You Get for Your Tenanted Property?

It’s a great question, and one every landlord - or at least the ones thinking of selling their let properties - should want the answer to.

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How Long Will it Take to Sell Your Tenanted Property?

Taking the plunge to sell often feels like a leap of faith, doesn’t it? Selling with a sitting tenant is different. It reduces the risk… but, knowing how long everything will take would be nice, I’m sure.

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Can You Sell Your Property with the Tenants Still Living There?

Are you wondering if it’s really possible to sell a property with the tenants still living there? The simple answer is: YES you can.

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Here are 5 simple, but brilliant, pieces of advice for new and seasoned property investors alike.

Investing in property can be a gateway to financial independence. This article isn't focused on any one particular property investment strategy. These 5 essential tips will help all property investors...

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Buy-To-Let Landlords: Leaving? Evolving? Thriving?

“Buy-To-Let is Dead”. I’ve read the headlines and from what I see everyday at Portolio, and what I read in more balanced articles, reports of its “death” are greatly exaggerated...

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