Buying a Property Portfolio

You can buy a property portfolio

In addition to great single tenanted properties, we also offer property portfolios.

Take big leaps

A portfolio is typically more than six properties, so buying one is a great way to take a giant step forward in your property journey.

Save thousands on the purchase tax

Buy six + properties in one transaction to get Multiple Dwelling Relief.

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Take big leaps, save on tax & make money

High gross yields
Discounts available
Professional sales process

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A portfolio purchase #thePortolioWay

1. Spreadsheet review

Basic info, like property values, location, rents and gross yields - to be reviewed

2. Research & consideration

Can this work for you? Is the price okay for you? Do you need and can you get lending?

3. Make offer

Now it's time to make an offer - most likely be subject to viewings and surveys

4. Conveyancing and due diligence

Your solicitor and mortgage broker (if using) will guide you. We'll also be happy to advise. In this stage we'll help to organise viewings/surveys + share safety certs.

5. Sale completion and smooth hand-over

Just like the sale of a single tenanted property, this moment is important - especially to the tenants - and we'll be there to keep everyone on track.

Why are property portfolios sold off-market?

Property portfolios are sold off-market because of logistics and it’s simply impractical to do it any other way.

What you’ll get;

  • A spreadsheet with addresses, values, rents and much much more
  • In most cases we’ll even be able to supply written valuations
  • Often we’ll have photos

What you won’t get;

  • No home reports
  • No floor-plans
  • No professional videos

You can be sure each property is safe and compliant – and we will never sell a property with a bad tenant.

Some regular questions about buying a property portfolio

Yes you can. However, we need to be sensitive to the process and viewings would usually happen at a later stage after you’ve made a formal offer, as part of your due diligence.

Yes. You can get a regular mortgage or commercial lending – or even bridge to let products. It’s really just like other buy-to-let lending and 70/25 LTV is certainly possible in most cases.

Not often. For an off-market sale, or any large portfolio sale, surveys are not required to be produced by the seller but occasionally we will have some on file that can be shared.

It does take a little longer than the sale of a single unit, as deeds and info is to be gathered for each property. However, it’s still a comparable timescale of 10 – 16 weeks (depending on lending).

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