The Status Quo for Landlords is Changing

Portolio is a residential property portal which hopes to change the status quo for all landlords and property investors in Scotland.

 26/04/2018  |  Ross MacDonald

Investing in buy-to-let property with a sitting tenant makes sense for the property investor, the selling landlord, the letting agent and the tenant.

A lot has been written recently about the ever increasing amount of rules and regulations which are governing the Scottish Private Rental Sector. This has resulted in many landlords beginning to question their long-term future within the sector and deciding to sell. In turn this could provide great opportunities for those who believe investing in buy-to-let property still makes long-term financial sense.


Our goal is to make property investment transparent and straightforward by giving letting agents their own platform to bring great fixed priced tenanted property opportunities to investors.

Investing in buy-to-let property with a sitting tenant makes sense for the property investor, the selling landlord, the letting agent and the tenant.

Property Investors

It makes sense for the property investor who, on day one of ownership, gets;

· instant rental income,
· a property which full complies with current legislation,
· usually fully furnished and equipped,
· a Scottish government approved managing agent.

"The Portolio portal makes the whole process of finding good properties, and avoiding offers over, really easy. Highly recommended, have already used again." Harvey Cochrane (Property Investor) 

Landlords & Letting Agents

It makes sense to the selling landlord as;

· the process can be started without waiting for the tenants to vacate,
· they get rental income right up to the point they no longer are the legal owners,
· their property is sold by a letting agent they trust.

It’s also ideal for the tenant as they don’t need to vacate and search for another property in a highly competitive and under supplied market. Our letting agent members are uniquely skilled and uniquely positioned to sell tenanted property for their landlords.

Portolio offers a service which isn’t currently available anywhere else. Not every landlord is able to wait until a tenancy ends to sell their property. Therefore, being able to sell a property with a sitting tenant is a win-win situation for my client, the tenant and the investor.” Jonathan Gordon (Letting Agent)

Making a Difference

Over the last 6 months we’ve developed a growing database of property investors who are interested in buying using the Portolio model. This, in addition to our growing letting agent membership, has helped facilitate several recent property purchases.

Setting landlord’s expectations is important as we appreciate selling this way is not going to suit all landlords. However, based on initial feedback we believe Portolio can change the status quo when it comes to buy and selling fixed priced properties with sitting tenants.

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