Why buy a tenanted property?

We make buying tenanted property easy. You can buy a ready-made money maker here. Make your next property investment a fully packaged buy-to-let.

 28/08/2018  |  Chris Wood

Do You Want to Save Time and Make Money?

We’ve made buying tenanted property transparent and straightforward. You can buy a ready-made money maker from Portolio.  

 You can choose from;

  • an off-market purchase,
  • a large portfolio purchase of 6 or more flats or,
  • a property you’ve chosen from our website

All the information you need will be supplied. We are here to support you and make your investment a success. No mucking about. Your goal is to make your investment work for you and we know that means you must make money

Sound Good?

Here’s why buying tenanted property works, and will save you time and make you money;

  • Instant monthly income from the moment the sale is concluded. 
  • Don’t overpay. Don’t get involved in a closing date. Pay a fair price.

That’s not all! You’ll avoid significant outlays because you can avoid;

  • Refurbishment or cleaning costs,
  • Furniture or appliance costs,
  • Compliance costs,
  • Letting agent marketing fees,
  • Vacant property utility costs.

Investing in buy-to-let property with a sitting tenant makes sense for you, the property investor looking to save time and make money. Make your next property an investment with the experts at Portolio. 

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Written by Chris Wood, MD & Founder

Contact Chris on 07812 164 842 or email chris@portolio.co.uk


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