Sell Tenanted Property

Avoid the void.

Portolio is a NAEA fully qualified estate agent and we're specialists in selling tenanted property.

The reason a landlord chooses to sell with a sitting tenant can vary but some of the most common reasons can be seen below; 

  • Continued rental income.
  • No void utility costs.
  • No delays.
  • No hassle.

We provide a logical, efficient and financially viable solution for landlords looking to sell buy to let property. 

We're delighted to give you, the landlord, this option. Our goal is to offer you a great solution and then help you make the right choice, to fit your own circumstances and your own property. 

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You can learn more by reading our FAQs below and please do get in touch for a no obligation property valuation or to discuss the process in more detail. 

No upfront fee

We offer landlords a simple fee structure to sell their tenanted property through Portolio. There is nothing to pay us upfront.

No fuss approach

We're easy to work with. If you choose to sell your property with Portolio then we will guide you, sort things out and minimise the hassle. 

Is it right for you?

We've hightlighted the benefits of choosing the "Portolio option" but we also take care to discuss the other option i.e. ending the tenancy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to the tenants?

One of the real positives of selling your property with a sitting tenant is the ability to lengthen the tenant's stay indefinitely. Almost all of Portolio's sales are to property investors and this new owner will become the landlord, with little or no change to the tenant's situation. 

Do I need to remove any furniture, fittings and equipement?

No you don't. When a property investor buys a tenanted property, they are also bound to buy the furniture, fittings and equipment. It's actually one of the positives for the buyer, as any furniture, fittings and equipment are included in their purchase price. 

Do I need to decorate or do anything else to the property before selling?

No you don't need to do that at all. IF you decided to end the tenancy, and sell a vacant property, then yes you would be advised to spend some money and time to make the flat "ready for the market". You would also usually be advised to remove all the furniture, etc. 

Selling tenanted property means you don't have any of this hassle or expense. 

What sale price will I be able to get by selling my property with a tenant in situ?

Our typical sale price is close to the surveyor's property valuation. We aim for a fair price, not deal of the century for the buyer, and not way above value either. We will always get you the best sale price possible. 

Do you sell property portfolios?

Yes, we sell individual properties and portfolios of different sizes. All of our portfolio sales are sold off-market, i.e. not on any website, and sometimes we can sell an individual flat or house in that same off-market style.

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