Property Investment

Something different.

Portolio is here to provide you with quality investment properties at a fair purchase price. Each property is uploaded by the letting agent and most of the properties are currently tenanted.

The right info

On Portolio you'll be given an expert's rental valuation, you'll get the lease dates, the safety certificate information and more. You, as an investor, will get the info you need.

A fair purchase price

The seller is choosing to market their property with a sitting tenant and, as such, they may be more open to accepting a reasonable offer for a quick efficient sale.


It’s very early days for Portolio. We are based in Edinburgh and so we’ll start here but plan to sign up member letting agents across the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these places tenanted?

When a landlord decides to sell they usually end the tenancy and then start the selling process. Simply, these landlords have decided to start the process now, and sell with the tenants still in the flat. 

Can letting agents sell property?

Yes, absolutely they can! The letting agents on Portolio are all highly professional. 

Do I still need a solicitor?

Yes, this is no different to buying a property from an estate agent.  The letting agent will do all the work until your offer has been accepted and then pass the baton to the solicitors, to deal with the missives. 

Can I view?

Yes. Please just contact the letting agent and they will arrange. A letting agent naturally has a lot of communication with the tenants and the job of arranging viewings is already an everyday part of their job. 

Do I have to pay any extra fees?

Some letting agents will charge a Souring Fee and is usually because the vendor isn’t paying a fee. Offering a deal like this to their landlord is often a good way for a letting agent to bring these properties to the market.

Can I get a home report?

Yes. Please just hit the request button on the property detail page. If you have any problems then then please contact the relevant letting agent.

Do you have any brochures?

We made the decision not to incorporate an elaborate brochure but we will soon be adding a PDF with property details that you will be able to download from the property details page.

Do I have to keep the current tenants?

No you don’t. The speed at which you can change/remove the tenants depends on length of lease and the letting agent can supply more details.

Can I find out more about the current tenants?

Yes. It’s important you’re confident the tenants are not in arrears and/or are not partaking in anti-social behaviour. Letting agents are prohibited from selling property with bad tenants on Portolio.

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