Zurich Baby! A trip into the unknown

Why fly (miles to Basel) and then get a train to Zurich, return to Basel to then fly back to Edinburgh – all in 24 hours?

 14/05/2018  |  Chris Wood

Well, partly it’s adventure and the unknown.

I’ve owned several businesses but truthfully this is the first overseas business jaunt I’ve ever had and, you know what, I think this might be the way forward. I say might, because I write this Part One expose on the flight out…..before I know what those unknown gems might be. 

All I really know is that I’m meeting 20+ property investors; they are a group who meet monthly to discuss residential property investment.

  • Have they invested in Scottish property before?
  • What are their expectations?
  • How can I help them?

Certainly, I will give them the low down on buying tenanted property and how this can maximise cashflow and ROI. I’m sure I’ll meet some excellent people and I’m confident I’ll learn a lot myself. Click here to find out how I got on!


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