Why I created Portolio Property Market

As a property investor, do you want to buy tenanted property? Maybe it’s not a question you’ve considered before, or maybe you already find great investment property with sitting tenants.

 16/11/2017  |  Chris Wood

It’s certainly not the norm and we, at Portolio, feel that it’s time for a change. Our property portal showcases tenanted property for property investment, supplied by our member letting agents, on an attractive (we think!) website with all the important info at your fingertips.

It’s very early days at Portolio but we already have a bunch of excellent Edinburgh letting agents on board. All letting agents get asked by their clients (landlords) if they can help them sell their property and sadly the vast majority have had to say they can’t. Portolio is here to change that by giving all letting agents a professional platform to advertise their client’s tenanted property for sale.

Buying your investment property is a measured decision. It’s usually a lot more calculated than the process for choosing your home. For that reason, we give you the information you need.

On Portolio you will see;

  • percentage yield
  • information on letting safety certificates
  • information on the current lease
  • you’ll get a real rental valuation
  • and you’ll know the current rent being paid, plus much more!

Investing in buy-to-let property with a sitting tenant makes sense. It makes sense that you, the property investor, gets instant rental income. It makes sense that the property you invest in comes with valid safety certificates and hard wired smoke sensors (although it should be said that not all properties will have this). It also makes sense that you would buy that property through the letting agent who already looks after the property, and knows the current tenants.

I was a letting agent. I would have loved to advertise property for sale on Portolio. I sold my letting agency in 2013 (then got married, tried other industries, started a family & finally came back to property in 2015 – phew!) and now work for property investors who are crying out for good value property. Creating Portolio is a mission to help letting agents and property investors! It makes perfect sense to me and I hope you, the property investor, feel our passion for this mission in everything we do.

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