Scottish specialist estate agents who sell tenanted property that want to do more for the buy-to-let industry.

Portolio is helps property investors, landlords, letting agents and tenants. We’re doing some good.

 22/05/2018  |  Chris Wood

Portolio works for landords, and with letting agents, to sell tenanted properties to grateful buyers, who get a great buy-to-let deal. Letting agents and landlords have enjoyed the smooth process.

However, I question if we are doing enough in the 6 months since we launched? Considering we're quite unique do the following; 

(a) sell tenanted property

(b) is 100% fixed price only

…..I think we should be doing more.

Challenges & Opportunites

There are challenges to tackle and we’re ready to knock them out of the park. Our mailing list of hungry property investors grows all the time and the time has come to meet that demand.

We have a unique selling point (as above!) and we do save property investors time and money. We just need to do more of it.

Myself and Ross are doing our best and will continue to find ways to further this extremely worthwhile project. It’s something new and it’s not going to be easy. In April we held a seminar, on GDPR and anti-money laundering, to offer support to our partners (letting agents).

If we build it, they will come!

Please forgive the quote taken from an old Kevin Costner movie but if you are a property investor, then please be patient. We are doing our best to help you, the landlrod and the letting agent.

Please use the resources available at Portolio. 

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