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Can we can blow our trumpet? Yes? Thank you. We are industry experts selling tenanted property in Scotland. Yes indeed we are.

 23/10/2018  |  Chris Wood

Landlord Focus

Selling tenanted property is something we're uniquely qualified to do, and it's an honour that Scottish Association of Landlords asked Ross and myself to contribute to their national magazine, Landlord Focus. We are indeed 100% focussed on Scotland's landlords as our service gives them the option to sell their property with a sitting tenant.

All members of Scottish Association of Landlords receive this magazine through their doors this week, and we hope it helps them decide what's best for their next investment or if they're deciding to exit the sector. Property investors are ready to invest in buy to let. 

Becoming a member of Scottish Association of Landlords is something we would very much recommend! It's available for all landlords.

Chris Wood


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