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Is buy-to-let right for me?

Investing in property is an attractive venture which many people do as a means of making money. We asked Lee Graham of Mortgage Advice Bureau Scotland, to share his buy-to-let advice.

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Why buy a tenanted property?

We’ve made buying tenanted property transparent and straightforward. You can buy a ready-made money maker from Portolio. Make your next property an investment with the experts at Portolio.

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Tenanted Properties Needed...for hungry property investors

Portolio is helping a good mix of property investors, home buyers, letting agents, landlords and tenants. We’re doing some good.

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Overseas Property Investors, the challenges and tactics

Sitting on the runway, heading back to Scotland, here are my thoughts on last night’s talk with a lively group of Swiss property investors.

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Zurich Baby! A trip into the unknown

Why fly (miles to Basel) and then get a train to Zurich, return to Basel to then fly back to Edinburgh – all in 24 hours?

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Portolio hosts a GDPR seminar for letting agents

What does the upcoming GDPR and AML regulations mean for the property sector? Portolio continues to support letting agents in their efforts.

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The Status Quo for Landlords is Changing

Portolio is a residential property portal which hopes to change the status quo for all landlords and property investors in Scotland.

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Portolio In The News: The Herald Entrepreneur

Our CEO, Chris Wood, was interviewed by The Herald in their series on Scotland's entrepreneurs. In this honest article, he shares his hard learned lessons and tells a bit more of his personal story.

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Return On Investment (ROI) & Leveraging

A mortgage can leverage your money and make it work much harder. As well as property, you have various investment options, like stocks and pensions, and it's important to compare like for like.

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% Yield - What Is This? How Does It Work?

There's no shortage of factors to take into account when deciding if a property is a good buy-to-let investment. The most common tool used to simplify the process is a measurement called yield.

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Letting Agents Selling Tenanted Property

To keep up with changing legislation, many buy-to-let landlords find using a letting agent is the preferred option.

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Why I created Portolio Property Market

As a property investor, do you want to buy tenanted property? Maybe it’s not a question you’ve considered before, or maybe you already find great investment property with sitting tenants.

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